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Using the Product Buffet

The Product Buffet will display a single design on ALL our products together in one easy to use page.

Simply click the ‘Create‘ button and, when prompted, add your own image (photo or digital artwork) and / or text to see the results instantly* on all of the products.

Once this is done, just click on the product(s)** you like and you will be able to further customise the design, style, colours and fonts in the customiser.

* If the products do not update automatically just refresh the page
** Tip: If you wish to customise more than one product, it is best to right click on the product image and open in a new window

Create Now Single Product

Using Custom Product Templates

We have set up a template for all the products we offer to help start you off with your own creations. All templates have an image & text box included.

Click on any of the products below to be taken to the product page where you can upload your own image and amend the text using the ‘personalise this template’ option***.

Once you have chosen the product style, you can further customise your design (background colour, fonts, image / text size and position, filters…) using the customiser.

*** Clear the default image or leave the text box blank if you do not wish to display on your new product (therefore you can have an image only or a text only design)

  • Product Templates
  • Wall Art Templates
  • Fabric Templates

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If you need any further assistance using either of the methods above or you just have a general query please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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